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Global Emergency

£30 - Regular donation each month can help provide countless people with Emergency Aid.

A matter of life and death can be absolved with your support.

At any moment of crisis, time is of the essence and a crucial factor when it comes to saving lives across impoverished, conflicted, and war-torn regions.

Unforeseen circumstances require instant action to alleviate the hardships of those suffering.

This is where Muslim Relief acts on your behalf to provide urgent relief to those in need of life saving aid.

Through our Global Emergency fund, you can give protection to vulnerable families, orphans, widows & children.

Your support will also ensure that our team is well prepared for a swift response in an arising crisis.

Your donations can help our teams on the ground provide clean water, food packs, nutritious meals, educational resources, medical supplies, support for orphans, improve livelihoods & more.

£30.00 Regular donation each month can help provide countless people with Emergency Aid.

£50.00 Help provide a family with a Food Pack containing essential supplies to last an entire month.

£100.00 Help provide 50 Nutritious Meals.

£150.00 Help provide three families with Food Packs containing essential supplies to last an entire month.

Your Actions Can Make A Lasting Impact In Different Regions Across the Globe

From East Africa to Parts of the Middle East & Asia your support is crucial and has enabled our teams to provide life saving aid to some of the most destitute communities in many different parts of the world.

Middle East Crisis

For many countries in the Middle East the present circumstances mean countless vulnerable families, Widows & orphan children are suffering from extreme poverty, constant conflict & major instability.

Gaza – Palestine

In Gaza, families are living in dire conditions due to years of war and political restrictions.

Over 2 million people in Gaza alone live in extreme poverty. The nation is also suffering from mass water shortages and major food insecurity.

Countless lives have been lost in the struggle.

For those sick or injured access to medical care can be impossible.

Currently there remains an urgent need for humanitarian assistance.

Syria Refugee Emergency

After more than a decade of war, Syrian refugees still haven’t found peace.

While some families are displaced within their own country, others have found refuge in neighbouring countries.

They are subject to harsh living conditions and inadequate shelters in overpopulated refugee camps.

With no place to call home and every aspect of their lives affected, they need your support to ensure their protection for a brighter future.


The devastating conflict in Yemen has left 80% of the countries entire population in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

Families, orphans, widows & children are suffering as they face intense food insecurity, mass drought and widespread poverty.

The lack of resources available also restrict access to facilities such as urgent medical care and education.

Yemen cannot wait, they need your support now to ensure their survival.

Asia Crisis

Asia as region is facing countless challenges which range from extreme poverty, conflict, natural hazards, severe water shortages, lack of sanitation & more.

As a result millions are in a fragile state with little means to ensure their survival.


Countless people across Pakistan are in crisis as they suffer from the effects of extreme poverty, food derivation & intense water shortages.

Families & children are often forced to walk miles each day in their search for relief, they have little to no means to ensure their survival.

Many more do not know where there next meal will come from.

You can give them hope and sustenance through your kind actions.


Kashmir has seen over 70 years of conflict posing a serious threat to the survival of countless lives. Additionally extreme poverty & frequent natural disasters have further pushed the region in to a deeper state of crisis.

Many of the villages in the region are also extremely remote & underdeveloped.

As a result thousands of families are forced to live in harsh conditions & lack the opportunities or means to break through the endless cycle of hardship.

Your support can help ensure a brighter future to those in need across Kashmir.


Flash floods, poverty & a major refugee crisis. These are a few factors which have left millions of Bangladeshi people & countless Rohingya Refugees struggling to ensure their survival.

In this region alone 1 in 4 people are subject to extreme poverty.

Additionally 49% of all children under the age of 5 years are considered undernourished.

For the displaced communities in Bangladesh they have little to no means to make ends meet and now remain unprotected from what lies ahead.

Natural hazards such as heavy monsoon rains claim countless lives each year and cause widespread damage.

The need for your support to make a change is greater than ever.


Across India 97 million people are suffering from extreme poverty.

An estimated 99 million also lack access to safe drinking water, with many areas experiencing a major drought.

A staggering 229 million people lack access to proper sanitation, as a result they remain exposed to illness.

Basic healthcare is often unaffordable to those who are the most vulnerable & destitute in society.

Likewise frequent flash floods & natural hazards are a common occurrence which cause widespread damage and contribute in pushing those already in need in to a deeper state of crisis.

We must act now to ensure their protection.

Africa Crisis

Millions of people across Africa are struggling to ensure their survival on a daily basis.

Conflicts, extreme poverty, prolonged drought, mass food shortages & a lack of resources such as accessible medical care have left countless destitute people facing severe crisis across the region.

They are suffering immeasurably & remain rapped in the endless cycle of hardship.

They need Emergency aid now.

Your actions can help provide them with the hope & sustenance they require.

East Africa

East Africa in particular is a region whereby hunger threatens the lives of up to 28 million people.

Instabilities such as conflicts, extreme draught, food insecurity & affected livelihoods are having a detrimental impact on countless families & children across the region.

In any emergency the most vulnerable in society are among those most hit by the crisis.

Your support can help ensure life saving aid for those in urgent need of assistance in different parts of East Africa.

Your Support Makes It All Possible

Your actions can help put a stop to the suffering.

By supporting us in delivering emergency aid you can make a lasting impact by empowering those who are in urgent need of assistance.

Please Donate Now & Help Save Lives