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India Appeal

£30 Regular donation each month can help provide countless people in India with Emergency Aid.

India Emergency

Across India over 270 million people are suffering from severe poverty.


With a population of around 1.5 billion, it is the second most populated nation on the planet, in which one in four people are in urgent need of aid.


The effects of poverty in India are wide-reaching, causing a severe impact in the lives of countless individuals, families, children & entire communities.


They are suffering from crisis with limited access to the basic necessities required for their survival.


This includes lack of access to food, shelter, healthcare, education, clean water & electricity.


The region also suffers from regular instabilities, such as flash floods & natural hazards. They cause widespread damage & devastation with loss to life, destroyed livelihoods & mass displacement.


As a result, thousands of families are forced to live in harsh conditions & lack the economic opportunities or means to break through the endless cycle of hardship.

Food Poverty Crisis In India: No Time To Waste 

India is home to the world’s largest population of hungry people. Food poverty is a critical issue for the most vulnerable in society.


As it stands an estimated 194 million people in India are undernourished.


Those suffering from food insecurity across the country cannot establish access to a regular source of food. For them every day is a new struggle.


Exposed to dire circumstances they do not know where their next meal will come from. They are often left with little choice but to go hungry for days on end.


For those who rely on food aid for survival, they are at breaking point as they have little to no means of sustenance.


Without a stable source of food, those most vulnerable are exposed to illness, starvation as well as life-threatening disease.


They need immediate support now.

Thirsty Nation: India’s Urgent Need For Water


The lack of adequate access to safe water is having a severe humanitarian impact on those already in need of urgent aid across India.


With the region facing the worst draught in decades, an estimated 1.7 billion people are facing high to extreme water stress, particularly those who reside in rural areas & poverty-struck communities.


A further 99 million people across India lack access to safe drinking water. They are unable to stay healthy, grow crops, feed their livestock, or earn a sustainable living.


As a last resort, destitute families & children will walk for miles each day on an empty stomach in search of water.


With limited access to safe drinking water & sanitation, those suffering are exposed to a range of serious health problems. These include typhoid fever, cholera, hepatitis A & E, dysentery & gastrointestinal illnesses.


In addition to physical health issues, these conditions also lead to long-term economic hardship as poverty struck families are unable to pay for basic medical care.

Barely Enough: Lack Of Resources For The Most Vulnerable


Furthermore gaining access to the basic necessities required for their survival can be an impossibility. With limited access to healthcare, their lives are constantly at risk.


The hope for a brighter futureis also diminished, as families are unable to bear the expense of education.


As a result, those in urgent need are unable prosper & remain trapped in endless of cycle of poverty.

Breaking Point: Infant Poverty

In any crisis, the most vulnerable are often the most affected. As it stands India accounts for 30% of all children living in extreme global poverty.


More than 50% of children under the age of five in India are malnourished.


Each year a staggering 1.4 million children under the age of five, die from preventable diseases & malnutrition.

Covid-19 The Lasting Toll: Impact On India 

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe lasting impact on those already suffering from extreme poverty.


India experienced one of the largest COVID-19 outbreaks globally, which pushed an additional 75 million people into poverty.


The economic downturn caused has forced millions in to crisis, making their already difficult conditions worse.


Humanitarian needs for hundreds of thousands of people have escalated as a result of the emergency.


They now face additional threats to their survival & are in desperate need of support.

Jammu & Kashmir Emergency  

Decades of conflict & violence in the contested Jammu & Kashmir region have taken countless lives, destroyed livelihoods, & further contributed to pushing the region deeper into poverty & instability.


Facing trauma, displacement & lack of resources, countless families, orphans & widows across the Kashmir are in urgent need of aid right now.


Your actions of generosity can help save their lives.

Together We Can: Aid Those In Need 

We need your support to help provide those struggling in India with lifesaving aid.


Your donations can help our teams on the ground arrange critical assistance, clean water, food packs, nutritious meals, educational resources, medical supplies, support for orphans, improve livelihoods & much more.


Join us in our mission, & together we can make a lasting impact by aiding those in need to build a brighter future.

Every donation counts, no matter how BIG or SMALL

£30 Regular donation each month can help provide countless people in India with Emergency Aid.

£50 Can help provide a family with a Food Pack containing essential supplies to last an entire month.

£100 Can help provide 50 Nutritious Meals.

£150 Can help provide 3 families in India with Food Packs containing essential supplies to last an entire month.