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The Mosque Project

£5.00 Can help provide a Quran

Whoever builds a mosque, desiring thereby Allah’s pleasure, Allah builds for him the like of it in paradise.

[Sahih Bukhari ]

Alhamdulilah with your generous support our team is embarking on a new journey to establish & restore mosques for the benefit of destitute communities within the Ummah. By supporting us in this cause you are providing those in dire need the chance of development, growth, worship & more.

The House Of Allah swt.

The masjid is an integral part of every Muslims life, it is here were we worship, reflect, repent & come together in situations of both joy & sorrow. It is a place to seek solace & find real inner peace. The houses of Allah (swt) are the heart of every Muslim community small or large, as hubs they provide essential services of education, prayer & guidance throughout ones lifetime.


Often we take their immeasurable contribution to society for granted. It is in such places where both adults & children learn religious manners, absorb the teachings of Islam & also gain the tools necessary in order to adapt & rehabilitate in to society.

Provide A Masjid

Sadly countless Muslim communities across the globe particularly in Asia & Africa do not have the means to construct a masjid as a result of extreme poverty, crisis & instability. They will proceed to pray on open land or in temporary structures which are not fit for purpose. Many others will proceed to pray at home with no place to call Masjid.

The beloved Prophet (saw) emphasized the benefits of constructing Masjids and actively engaged in their construction on various occasions.

How Your Support Can Change Lives

By donating to the masjid project fund you are giving countless men, women & children in poverty struck communities the means to a brighter future. Your actions will empower communities through the provision of education, necessary facilities & essential services.


You are also doing a great deed in developing the faith of Islam whilst securing ones true Islamic identity. Most of all you gaining immeasurable Sadaqah Jariya (continuous rewards) for your kind actions.


To ensure your donations make a lasting impact our team works closely with local experts & members of the community in order to establish where the need for a masjid is the greatest. Which ever way you decide to partake in this beautiful project, know these communities will keep you in their prayers for your support.


You can also make a huge Impact by creating a fundraiser via our official JustGiving Page or by liking and sharing our social media posts.

£5.00  Can help provide a Quran.

£50.00  Can help contribute in the construction of a Masjid.

£100.00  Can help Provide a prayer space (masala) in a masjid.

£8500.00  Can help establish a small Masjid in an area of need.