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Turkey Earthquake Appeal

£30 - Sadaqah donation can help provide countless people with Emergency Support.

Earthquake Emergency

A devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake has caused widespread damage across much of Southern Turkey & beyond the border in Northern Syria. As it stands in the excess of 2600 people have lost their lives and over 9700 more remain injured due to the catastrophe.


There is now an urgent need for lifesaving aid.


“The president said he could not predict how high the casualty numbers would rise”


The number of fatalities is increasing as the scope of the damage becomes clear. Rescue efforts are underway with an uncertain amount of people still trapped under the rubble as a result of infrastructure damage caused to over 2818 buildings.

The earthquake has had a drastic impact in particular to the southern areas of Turkey mostly where a large number Syrian Refugees reside. As a nation Turkey is currently home to over some 3.7 million Syrian refugees.


The need for emergency support is critical at this moment in time as the region deals with possibly the largest disaster since 1939.

Health Facilities Suffering

Across the region health facilities such as hospitals many of which are now damaged have become overwhelmed and are struggling to cope with the high volumes of patients in need of emergency medical aid.

Beyond The Border – Syria

As a result of the earthquake, the worst affected parts of Syria were those already devastated by 12 years of war & are also regions where hundreds of thousands of displaced refugees reside.


It is estimated that more than 810 people have lost their lives in Syria with thousands injured and many more unaccounted for. As a result the number of casualties and fatalities is expected to dramatically rise.


Already struggling to ensure their survival with limited access to basic necessities such as food, water, shelter & medical care, sadly they are among those most affected by the disaster.


With the winter season at its peak and more uncertain weather approaching, countless families in crisis will struggle to survive.


They cannot wait…

Please Help Now

There is now an urgent need of humanitarian assistance on both sides of the Turkey/Syria border


By making a donation, you can support our local team’s efforts to bring critical aid such as Food, Water, Emergency Shelter and Medical aid to the victims of this tragic catastrophe.


No donation is too big or small, we aim to make every donation count.

£30.00 Sadaqah donation can help provide countless people with Emergency Support.

£50.00 Can help provide a family with a Food Pack containing essential supplies to last an entire month.

£100.00 Can help provide 50 Nutritious Meals.

£150.00 Can help provide Emergency Shelter.