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Improving Livelihoods


Improving Livelihoods

For those suffering from extreme poverty, crisis, war and famine gaining the opportunity to generate an income may seem like an impossibility.


Without the means, adequate support or tools necessary to carry out work, millions of families are struggling to survive and remain trapped in the endless cycle of poverty. Due to this the development of future generations is also at stake.

Your Donation Can Change their Lives

Your kind support could help fund a variety of livelihood improvement schemes to benefit those in dire need.


Your actions could aid in the purchase of necessary equipment to start a small business, purchase of animals to generate an income, purchase of farming tools to help grow and harvest crops, the provision of vocational training and much more.


By supporting our livelihoods fund you could give destitute families the chance to provide for their loved ones independently with respect and dignity, afford access to basic health care and pay for the much needed education of their children.


however much you donate big or small we will ensure your donation reaches those who need it the most.