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Water Fund

£10 - Regular donation each month can help provide countless families with clean water


Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:


“The best charity is giving water to drink”




Water is a fundamental human right, yet 785 million people across the globe lack the access to a basic water source. in some parts of the world families and children are forced to walk miles each day in the search of water.

Your Donation Can Change Their Lives

The struggle for many does not end there, over 800 children under the age of five die everyday due to unsafe contaminated water. The World Health Organisation further confirms by the 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas.


By providing safe clean water you are giving families and children a fighting chance to succeed and break through the cycle of poverty. You are giving the beautiful gift of sustenance enabling them to improve their standards of living and their livelihoods. Clean water can help a family grow Crops, feed their animals and stay healthy.


No donation is too big or small. Our water appeal fund also offers a range water solutions and pumps which you can donate towards.


When you provide a water pump or a water well, you’ll be able to personalise your plaque with a message. This could be the name of a deceased loved one, the name of the donor, or a quote. If for any reason you do not want a message on your plaque kindly confirm this on the payment section. Upon completion of the work we will of course provide you with the photos of the build.


Your donation can help save a life and aid those suffering from the effects of crisis, poverty and war.

£10.00 Regular donation each month can help provide countless families with clean water.

£30.00 Can help provide 6000 litres of water to suffering families in Yemen.

£120.00 Can help provide a Hand Pump in Asia.

£250.00 Can help provide a Tube Well in Asia.

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