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Winter Fund

£15 - Can Help Provide A Winter Blanket

Warm Up Their Hearts This Winter

As the winter chill sets in, many struggle to make ends meet. For those already living in poverty, the winter months can be challenging. They may have to choose between heating their homes or buying food for their families.

Imagine a world where warmth and hope go hand in hand. Muslim Relief is on a heartfelt journey to extend a helping hand to the most vulnerable in places like Palestine, Yemen, Bangladesh, and Kashmir. In these regions, families struggle in the bitter cold, their children facing winter’s harsh grip, battling pneumonia and hypothermia. Your generosity can be the lifeline they desperately need.

With your support, our dedicated teams will venture into the heart of these communities, armed with winter essentials. Their mission is simple yet profound: safe and cosy shelter for the displaced, nourishing food, and the comforting embrace of blankets, warm clothes, and hygiene supplies.

Your donations are more than relief; they’re an enduring gift that keeps giving. So, let’s make this winter a season of warmth, hope, and compassion. Regardless of size, your contribution is a step towards a brighter, kinder world.

You Stand As Final Ray Of Hope

Your support can bring warmth, nourishment, and essential supplies to the displaced families in Gaza enduring freezing temperatures and limited resources. Your generosity provides shelter, nourishing food, blankets, and warm clothing.

In Gaza, your contribution becomes a lifeline, a symbol of solidarity, and a promise of a brighter, warmer tomorrow.

Our Work

Add Warmth to Their Winter

£15.00 Can Help Provide A Winter Blanket.

£25.00 Can Help Provide Winter Clothing.

£50.00 Can Help Provide A Family With A Nutritious Food Pack To Last An Entire Month In The Winter.

£80.00 Can Help Provide A Family With A Winter Survival Kit Consisting Of: A Food Pack To Last An Entire Month, Necassary Winter Supplies (e.g. Blankets, Socks, Hats & Clothing) As Well As Fuel For Heating.

£250.00 Can Help Provide Emergency Shelter From The Cold.