We at Muslim Relief are passionate about making a positive impact across the globe.


With your generous donations, we have been able to provide life-saving aid to some of the most destitute individuals in desperate need of support.


We take it as our duty to ensure that your donations (Amānah) are used responsibly, and in the most effective way possible in order to make a lasting impact.


You can join us in our mission to make a difference – donate today.

100%  Zakat Donations

At Muslim Relief our 100% Zakat policy means, every single penny of your Zakat, will be delivered to those who need it the most – 100% percent of the time.


Our primary goal is to ensure that each zakat donation is paid correctly, to the applicable beneficiaries, in accordance with the Holy Qur’ān & Sunnah.

How Your Donations Help

To give you a better understanding on how the funds we raised were used, please review the chart below.

Your assistance is absolutely vital to the success of our mission. Without your actions of generosity, The Muslim Relief Team would not be able to carry out any of our incredible work.


We are sincerely thankful to you…

Why We Spend On Admin: Explained

Administrative costs are unavoidable & necessary in order for charities to function.


Without these costs, charities would struggle to operate efficiently and deliver their services effectively.


While it’s important to minimize unnecessary administrative costs, it’s equally important to recognize their importance in supporting a charity’s mission in achieving its goals.


At muslim relief we hold your donations in high regard and recognize that charity involves more than providing funds to those in need.


Therefore, It is absolutely necessary to implement thorough and efficient systems/processes that are specifically designed to ensure aid is distributed fairly and accurately to those who are the most deserving.

Why We Spend On Fundraising: Explained

Fundraising costs are essential for a charity, because they enable them to raise the funds necessary to carry out their mission and provide services to their beneficiaries.


Fundraising also enables your initial donation to go even further, by helping to generate more funding to aid those in need.


Without fundraising efforts, charities across the board would not be able to generate the resources they need to support their programs and initiatives. 


While it’s important for charities to keep these costs reasonable and transparent, it’s equally important to recognize that effective fundraising is essential for the long-term sustainability of any non-profit organization.

What is a 100% Donations Policy & Do You Implement it?

Our aim at Muslim Relief is to be clear and transparent about how your donations are spent.


If a charity claims to have a 100% donations policy, it’s likely that they are using other methods to cover their administrative costs, such as corporate sponsors, grants, or endowments.


However, it’s important for donors to recognize that administrative costs are a necessary part of any organization’s operation, and it’s not realistic for a charity to operate without incurring any such expenses.


Therefore, no matter which organisation you decide to support it’s crucial to understand how the associated costs are supported.


At Muslim Relief we are continuously monitoring how your donations are spent, and always looking for ways to Improve the effectiveness and delivery of our charitable works.

100% –  Towards The Cause

We want to emphasize that 100% of the funds we raise go directly towards charitable activities, and advancing our cause of helping those in need.


When you make a donation, not only do you directly provide support for beneficiaries, you also help us expand our efforts to provide additional aid and reach more people.


Therefore your donations go further, and double the impact of our ability to make a positive change in assisting those who require urgent humanitarian assistance.

Maximizing Your Impact: How Gift Aid Drives Our Mission

When you donate to us through Gift Aid, you’re not only supporting our projects and daily operations, but also helping us raise more funds for the causes you care about.


By covering vital support costs, Gift Aid enables us to use your donations in the most effective way possible, making a real change in the lives of those we serve.


By selecting the Gift Aid option when making general donations, you can supercharge the impact of your generosity.


This important step allows us to stretch your donation even further, so we can do more to support the cause.


If you are a U.K. Tax payer please don’t forget to add Gift Aid to your donation, it makes all the difference.