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£70.00 Give 1 Aqiqah for the birth of a baby Girl


Aqiqah is a highly encouraged religious practice which is performed by Muslims when a child is born. Alongside celebrating new life It is a means of expressing gratitude to Allah Swt for the blessing he has bestowed us with. The practice in itself involves the sacrifice of an animal & the meat of which is distributed among the poor.


It is also a Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (saw) who performed the action on the birth of his beloved Grand children Hassan Ibn Ali & Hussain Ibn Ali.

When is Aqiqah performed?

Aqiqah is given by the parents/guardians of the child & should be performed on the 7th day of birth, if this is not possible then Aqiqah can be performed on any subsequent 7th day e.g.  on the 14th, 21st etc. Every adult eligible to pay zakat is encouraged to make a special effort to perform the action of giving Aqiqah.

Aqiqah for Boys & Girls

In relation the practice the number of Aqiqahs (animals for sacrifice) to be provided vary depending on the sex of the child.


For the birth of a baby boy 2 Aqiqahs (2 animals for sacrifice) are provided. However for the birth of a baby girl 1 Aqiqah ( 1 animal for sacrifice) is provided.


A point to note is there is no upper limit on the amount Aqiqahs you can provide to celebrate the birth of your child, if it is in your means to provide more then you are able to do so.

 Should I also shave my child’s hair?

As a symbol of purification it is recommended to shave the head of new born baby, the hair should be collected, weighed & the equivalent value in silver should be given in Sadaqah.


Aqiqah & Sadqah are two different acts of worship & on such occasions should not be confused with one another.


Our team can additionally provide £10.00 in Sadaqah to those in urgent need on your behalf, this comfortably covers the worth of your child’s hair in accordance to the weight in silver.

 Can Aqiqah be provided later?

In accordance to the practice there are differences in scholarly opinion as to when Aqiqah can be performed, some scholars suggest Aqiqah can performed up until a child reaches the age of maturity, while others suggest Aqiqah can be performed any time in life & can also be performed by an adult if it was not given on their behalf as a child.

 How should Aqiqah  be carried out?

Aqiqah should be performed following the same rules and principles of Qurbani. The animal must be healthy and satisfy the age criteria for slaughter.

£70.00  Give 1 Aqiqah for the birth of a baby Girl

£140.00  Give 2 Aqiqahs for the birth of a baby Boy