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Eid Gift

£20.00 can help provide an Eid Gift to a child.


Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:


Give gifts to one another, you will love each other.

[(al-Adab al-Mufrad) ]

Eid is a joyous & festive experience. It is a moment to praise Allah (SWT) for all the blessings he has bestowed us with & also a time to build fond memories as we rejoice with those who are the closest to us.


On this day children in particular are showered with gifts, toys & money in the joy of the occasion, for them Eid is extra special.


Sadly not every Muslim child will receive a gift this Eid, for those already suffering from poverty making ends meet is an impossibly, not only on Eid day but on a daily basis all year round. Orphans in particular will spend their Eid alone in the hope of happiness & change.


You can bring a smile, hope & happiness on this festive day, please help our team deliver Eid gifts to children this Eid.

£20.00  can help provide an Eid Gift to a child.