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£4 00 Pay your Fidya to cover a single missed fast this Ramadan

This Ramadan you can give your Fidya & Kaffarah for missed or broken fasts.


Fidya is a compulsory amount payable in situations whereby a person is unable fast through necessity. The person may be ill or suffering from long term illness/illnesses. They may also be pregnant or of old age & as a result unable to fast in Ramadan, or make up missed fasts at a later stage.


For each fast that is missed an obligatory amount referred to as Fidya must be paid in order to provide a poverty struck person with 2 meals.


The Fidya amount payable to provide a poor person with 2 meals for a single missed fast is: £4.00.


If you are unable to fast for whole duration of Ramadan the Fidya amount to cover the full month would amount to: £120.00.


Kaffarah is to be given if a fast is deliberately broken or missed in the month of Ramadan without a valid reason. Although such actions should be avoided this can happen. In such cases one must fast for 60 days continuously or provide 2 meals each to 60 poor persons in order to make up for the fast.


For each missed or broken fast the kaffarah would amount to: £240.00

£4.00  Pay your Fidya to cover a single missed fast this Ramadan.

£120  Pay your Fidya to cover the whole month of Ramadan.

£240 Pay your Kaffarah for a single fast this Ramadan.