Zakat-Al-fitr Also referred to as Fitrana is a compulsory charity paid by every Muslim (living above the line of poverty) before Eid Salah is performed.


Fitrana is paid by Muslims to ensure that the less fortunate are also able celebrate the end of Ramadan.


In current monetary terms Zakat-Al-Fitr equates to around £5.00 per person in your household, which Includes your children/dependents.

Is Zakat-Al-Fitr & Standard Zakat The Same?

Zakat-Al-Fitr is a separate obligatory payment which is paid in Ramadan before Eid Salah is performed in addition to your standard Zakat.


Your Standard Zakat is calculated based on your savings at a rate of 2.5%  on a lunar calendar year basis.

£5.00  Give Zakat Al Fitr for a single person.