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Your Zakat is Our Amānah

Since our launch in 2004, your zakat contributions have helped bring humanitarian aid to some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.


From East Africa, to parts of the Middle East & Asia, your Zakat has helped save lives.


By donating your zakat through Muslim Relief, you can rest assured that your donation will reach those who need it the most.


We recognise that we have a strict responsibility with obligations to you, as well as to the people we serve, and, ultimately, to Allah SWT.


it is our duty to ensure that your Zakat is distributed in accordance with the Islamic principles, to the eligible beneficiaries.

The majority of our charitable work is Zakat eligible.


Our organisation operates in many countries worldwide, aiding some of the most destitute people.

Your Zakat donations have the potential to make a huge impact

Your support can help provide food, water, medical assistance, improve education, support orphans, create sustainable livelihoods, deliver emergency aid and more.

Reasons to Give Your Zakat Through Muslim Relief Scholar Verified

Our Zakat Policy has been approved independently, by reputable scholars who continue to monitor and guide our organisation. This is to ensure that our Zakat policy/procedures comply with Shariah Law.

100% Zakat Donations 

At Muslim Relief our 100% Zakat policy means every single penny of your Zakat will be delivered to those who need it the most – 100% percent of time.


Our primary goal is to ensure that each zakat donation given by a Muslim is paid correctly, in accordance with the Holy Qurān & Sunnah.

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Zakat Faqs

What is Zakat?
Zakat is the third pillar of Islam and 1 of the 5 fundamental beliefs and practices of the Islamic faith. Zakat is a form of charity which is obligatory on every sane, healthy, adult Muslim, providing their wealth exceeds a certain minimum value known as nisab.
What is Nisab?
Nisab is the minimum amount of wealth a Muslim must posses before being obliged to pay Zakat. This wealth must be held for a full Islamic lunar year (also referred to as “Hawl”).


The Nisab value is calculated based the weight of Gold & Silver.


Silver – 612.36 grams
Gold – 87.48 grams


Although there are differing views on which Nisab threshold value should be used, you can calculate your Zakat on either the gold or silver values.


Most commonly the silver nisab value is used to calculate zakat. This allows for the distribution of more wealth for the benefit of those in need.

Who is Eligible to pay Zakat?
Zakat is obligatory on every sane adult Muslim whose earnings are above the nisab value. This wealth must be held for a full Islamic lunar year (also referred to as “Hawl”).
Who is Eligible to receive Zakat?
The Qurān outlines the eight categories of whom are eligible to receive Zakat, they are;


  • The poor
  • The needy
  • Zakat collectors & distributers
  • Those who have converted to Islam and are in need
  • Those in captivity
  • Those in unmanageable debt
  • In the way of Allah
  • The wayfarer

How to calculate my Zakat?
Zakat is based on income and the value of possessions. Your Zakat contribution should equal 2.5 percent of your total earned wealth (minus any owed debts).


You should not include any necessities in your calculation such as main home, car, clothing etc.


You can use our simple zakat calculator to work out how much Zakat you need to pay.

When is Zakat Paid?
Zakat is paid once every Islamic lunar year, providing your earnings have surpassed the nisab threshold.


Zakat is only calculated on wealth held at the end of the lunar year.


Many people choose to donate Zakat in Ramadan due to greater rewards.

Can I pay my Zakat in instalments?
Zakat should be paid in a lump sum at the end of the lunar year and not delayed further, however if this causes difficulty then zakat can be paid in advance instalments.


You can set up regular Zakat donations via the “Donate” tab on our website.

What is Zakat Al Fitr?
Zakat Al Fitr (also referred to as Fitrana) is a separate compulsory donation made at the end of Ramadan prior to the Eid Al Fitr prayer. Zakat and Zakat Al-Fitr are often confused to be the same.


The Zakat Al Fitr amount for 2023 is £5.00 per person.

Questions Regarding Your Zakat Calculation

Please note that for complex Zakat queries, it is advisable to contact your local imam.

You can also reach out to the Muslim Relief Team via e-mail at: mail@muslimrelief.org.uk